JCB rolls out Teleskid compact loader, 48Z-1 compact excavator and 210T and 215T compact track loaders

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JCB introduced its Teleskid compact loader, 48Z-1 compact excavator and 210T and 215T compact track loaders.

JCB Teleskid


JCB Teleskid

The Teleskid is a skid-steer and compact track loader with a telescopic boom, offering a forward reach of 8 feet and a lift height over 13 feet. The Teleskid can also dig below grade to a depth of 3 feet.

“The JCB Teleskid can do the work of four machines—a telescopic handler, masted forklift, compact loader and a skid-steer, all in one easy-to-service machine,” said Randy Tinley, product manager for skid-steers and compact track loaders at JCB North America.

Based on JCB’s large-platform skid-steer design, the Teleskid is available in the 3TS-8W wheeled and 3TS-8T track models, with rated operating capacities of 3,208 pounds and 3,695 pounds, respectively. The machine’s single-arm, telescopic boom design allows landscapers to perform tasks not possible with conventional skid-steers, such as loading high-sided trucks without a ramp, reaching across a standard 8-foot-wide trailer, mowing down slopes and digging or clearing ditches.

The Teleskid provides vertical lift—for greater lift capacity and lift height—and radial lift—for improved excavating and grading. Additionally, the machine’s bucket-positioning leveling system is active when the boom is raised or lowered, making it easier to keep materials in the bucket, said JCB.

The Teleskid features a large, fully enclosed cab, and JCB’s myCHOICE software allows control responsiveness and joystick sensitivity to be tailored to suit operator preferences. A 74-hp (55 kW) JCB Ecomax engine provides high torque at a low RPM and ensures compliance with Tier 4 Final emissions standards.


48Z-1 compact excavator


48Z-1 compact excavator

The JCB 48Z-1 compact excavator is a zero tail swing machine and includes a JCB Diesel by Kohler engine that produces 48 hp (36kW) and 166 ft-lb (225Nm) of torque. A fully bushed dig end with 500-hour greasing intervals reduces downtime and daily maintenance, according to the company.


210T and 215T compact track loaders

JCB’s 210T and 215T compact track loaders offer the power and performance of large-platform compact track loaders in small-platform, towable machines weighing less than 10,000 pounds.


JCB 215T compact track loader

The 210T and the 215T are powered by the 74-hp (55 kW) JCB Diesel by Kohler engine, requiring no DPF and no DEF. The radial lift 210T model has a rated operating capacity (ROC) of 1,900 pounds at 35 percent tipping load and 2,650 pounds at 50 percent tipping load. The 215T vertical lift model has an ROC of 2,100 pounds at 35 percent tipping load and 3,000 pounds at 50 percent tipping load. The ROC of both models can be increased with an optional bolt-on chassis counterweight package, and both are capable of operating high flow attachments up to 30 gallons per minute, according to JCB.

“The 210T and 215T are the latest in the company’s range of skid-steers and compact track loaders that are designed and manufactured in the United States,” said Tinley. “The horsepower-to-weight ratio of these machines makes them ideal for confined work spaces where increased lift capability is required. These are the smallest compact track loaders available that can lift a standard pallet of sod or bricks, or a wet round hay bale.”

A wide-opening side door offers a safer entry to the cab. JCB’s single boom design provides operators with improved visibility for safer operation and easier changing of attachments and placing or loading material, said the company.

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