Jeffrey Scott Consulting to host 2-day learning experience in August

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Jeffrey Scott Consulting is partnering with A+ Lawn and Landscape in Des Moines, Iowa, to put on an innovative two-day learning experience that includes a full-day conference and in-depth facility tour at A+ Lawn and Landscape, a $10-million-plus mixed-service company.

It will take place Aug. 25 and 26 in Des Moines, Iowa. Those interested can register here. 

Jeffrey Scott, who has helped full service companies reach 20 percent net profit margin, will show attendees how to run a more successful enterprise that they can scale.

Attendees will visit A+ Lawn and Landscape, Des Moines, Iowa, see the inside of the company and hear from the owners and managers.

Growing a successful landscape business requires companies to develop and expand the right “mix” of services. If they focus on just one service, they can put your business at risk and leave opportunities on the table, and yet if they over diversify, they can spread your company too thin.

Landscape professionals need to strike the right balance, with the right people, processes and pricing, in order to scale and make a consistently high profit, according to Jeffrey Scott Consulting. Landscapers will learn how to tackle all these challenges, while increasing market share and ensuring a 20-percent-plus net profit.

Attendees will identify which services make the most money, how to improve less profitable niches and how to run each of these services for more profit and sustainable growth.

The program outline is as follows:

Aug. 24: Optional private networking reception with the owners of A+ Lawn and Landscape. (Space is limited)

Aug. 25: Full-day interactive workshop focused on building attendees’ mindset and business, with Jeffrey Scott and guest speakers. Evening networking reception for all

Aug. 26: Facility tour of A+ Lawn and Landscape, where attendees will meet the leadership team, learn the company’s secret sauce and see its best systems.

According to Jeffrey Scott Consulting, takeaways will include:

  • How to adopt the attitude and mindset required to perform as the leader in the market;
  • How to differentiate yourself from the competition by relentlessly building a company culture and marketing strategy;
  • How to consistently operate at 20 percent net profit;
  • How to invest time wisely as the owner or as a division leader;
  • How to grow each division as a standalone high-profit division;
  • Walk away with a blueprint for success, with Jeffrey Scott Biz’s tools and systems;
  • Increase production “throughput” in order to achieve a more profitable bottom line; and
  • Learn best practices from the best of the best.

Guest speakers include:

Jeffrey Scott, MBA, is an expert on growth and profit maximization in the landscape industry. He is the inventor of Green Light Selling (a profit-driven sales approach), and founder of the Destination Company culture program.

Shawn Edwards, president of A+ Lawn and Landscape, is the principle owner of the leading irrigation, lawn care and landscaping company in Des Moines, Iowa. Since 1988, Edwards and his team have worked with an ongoing dedication to quality of work and customer service. Serving both residential and commercial customers with an extensive range of services make A+ Lawn and Landscape truly unique.

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