Jeffrey Scott’s Summer Growth Summit to visit Ryan Lawn & Tree

The event will feature an all-day tour of Ryan's headquarters and one of the company's branch locations.

LM columnist Jeffrey Scott and his team will host their 2024 Summer Growth Summit on August 21-22. This year’s summit will feature a behind-the-scenes view of Ryan Lawn & Tree, No. 49 on the 2024 LM150.

The event will feature an all-day tour of Ryan’s headquarters and one of the company’s branch locations. Attendees will visit 10 learning stations, where 15 managers and leaders will show how they run and grow various departments including:

  1. Landscape: Design/build install and renovation.
  2. Lawn care: Health and renovation.
  3. Tree care: Pruning and removal.
  4. Plant health care for beauty and profits.
  5. Irrigation: Premium installation leading to service.
  6. Pest control for high margins.
  7. Technology: CRM and others.
  8. Talent acquisition and career path.
  9. Internal training/learning coaches.
  10. Marketing and sales of Ryan’s services.

Day 2 will offer guests a chance to spend time with the executives of Ryan to learn how they steer the organization.

President Larry Ryan will share the company’s blue-collar purpose. Roy Heinbach, vice president and CFO at Ryan Lawn and Tree will discuss ESOP, open book and acquisitions. Additional topics will cover regional management and oversight and how the company starts up new products, branches and initiatives using the L.I.T.E. model (Leadership, Incentive, Training, Ecosystem).

Also on Thursday Scott will share unique strategies on how to stay accountable to yourself as you decide to implement what you have learned. The event will culminate with a Q&A with Ryan and Scott.

For further details and to register, visit here. Early Bird for the event will end on June 21.

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