Jobber introduces tool to balance expenses and understand profit margins

June 20, 2023 -  By

Jobber launches its new job costing feature that will enable businesses to track and understand job costs and profit margins. Jobber said this new tool can help users increase insights into labor, material and miscellaneous costs of a job.

“One of the key measures of success for our customers is profitability,” Sam Pillar, CEO and co-founder of Jobber, said. “Jobber’s new job costing feature simplifies the tracking of input costs and profitability. This is so service pros can make important operational decisions and stay competitive.”

The tool will calculate the profit margins of one-off jobs in real time including landscaping projects. Service pros can view these trends in a report that compares profitability for different jobs. Timesheets, line items and expenses calculate the profitability of each job.

The profitability of each job is calculated using: 

  • Timesheets: Based on the hourly cost of each employee and their time worked on a job. 
  • Line items: The materials used on the job, including both the unit cost and price. 
  • Expenses: These include the expenses spent on a job.

“We’ve increased our revenue by 15 to 20 percent because I’m able to look at the data and determine in real time what jobs were most profitable, allowing me to price future jobs with more accuracy,” said Scott Geddis, owner of M&M Skylights based in Newton, N.H. “The tool is simple to use and helps to ensure we’re running a profitable business so we can continue growing and rewarding our staff for their hard work.”

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