John Deere unveils augmented reality experience

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John Deere augmented reality mower (Photo: John Deere)
A mower is shown in front of an elevator through John Deere’s new augmented reality experience. (Photo: John Deere)

John Deere unveiled an augmented reality experience that allows Apple iPhone or iPad users to interact with a virtual John Deere Z994R Diesel ZTrak zero-turn mower and explore its physical features.

With the new feature, customers can use their iPhone to drop the mower into their surroundings, whether it be their yard or in their work cubicle, according to the company.

“We see our customers increasingly using digital media to do research and be entertained,” said Jaremy Flake, manager, marketing communication, John Deere. “We want to attract them to our products by making it fun, then give them the information they need. With this experience, they are able to interact with our equipment — without physically going to the dealership — and then have an opportunity to learn more about the product.”

Using the link on the Z994R model page of the John Deere website, users with an iOS12 device can drop the machine into the space around them using Quick Look technology. This augmented reality experience enables users to spin the mower around, resize it and go inside the mower deck to see the blades. Users can go to the John Deere website using the Safari browser to enjoy this experience without downloading a special application, making it easily accessible to John Deere customers.

“There are all kinds of possibilities with this technology, and I think we’re going to see a lot more of this in the future,” Flake said. “Just like John Deere is leading in equipment, we’re striving to do the same in how we engage with our customers.”

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