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With Dow AgroSciences’ newest postemergent product, Relzar™ specialty herbicide, simplicity is key.

The product, pending regulatory approval, offers lawn care operators maximum application flexibility with one low use rate, no temperature restrictions on actively growing turf types and control of more than 60 broadleaf weeds. Federal registration of Relzar is expected this fall and the product is expected to be available to LCOs following state registrations.

“There are several features of Relzar we think are going to be beneficial to LCOs,” says Amy Agi, a field scientist with Dow AgroSciences based in Brooks, Ga.

Relzar is expected to work best when applied to young, actively growing weeds. The product has two active ingredients—Arylex® active, a new synthetic auxin chemistry, and florasulam, an ALS inhibitor—that provide control of more than 60 broadleaf weeds including chickweed, doveweed, dollarweed, clover, henbit and plantain. Arylex active first moves through a plant’s foliage and stems, followed by the roots and shoots.

“Having two modes of action with Relzar means you are increasing performance and decreasing your potential for resistance,” says Agi. “The way Relzar controls these weeds is one of the product’s key features because its binding site is new. The Arylex active molecule binds to a receptor in the plant cell nucleus, which is different than other synthetic auxins. The product moves down into the roots and shoots of the plant providing more complete control of the weed.”

This unique binding affinity makes Relzar fast-acting. Within one hour, the product absorbs into the leaves and begins to move through the plant’s vascular system. In 24 hours, Relzar translocates throughout the plant and outward effects begin to show. Within 48 to 72 hours, more profound curling and wilting of the plant is evident, and in two to four weeks, LCOs can expect total system-wide death of the plant from roots to shoots. A nonionic surfactant or a nonionic surfactant plus crop oil blend should be used with Relzar at the typical rate of 0.25 percent volume to volume of spray mix.


Left: An untreated patch of doveweed. Right: Same patch of doveweed after an application of Relzar.

Agi says Relzar will provide several benefits to help LCOs service their customers more quickly and efficiently. The product has one low use rate—0.72 ounce per acre for broadcast and spot applications—for all labeled turf types and weeds, eliminating the need to use different rates to tackle different problems.

Relzar is rainfast after one hour and can be used on warm- and cool-season turfgrasses year round without any temperature restrictions. It is safe for use on warm-season grasses including Bermudagrass, buffalograss, St. Augustinegrass, centipedegrass, kikuyugrass, seashore paspalum and zoysiagrass, as well as cool-season grasses including bentgrass, bluegrass, tall and fine fescue, and ryegrass.

Dr. Amy Agi

Dr. Amy Agi

“This product can be applied all year in all temperatures,” says Agi. “Part of my territory is in the transition zone, where you may have customers with warm-season turf in the front yard and cool-season turf in the back yard. This means LCOs can go from the front to the back with one mix and cover all areas at the same time.”

Relzar is a water dispersible granular which dissolves into water in less than 60 seconds and works effectively in both low- and high-volume spray equipment. Nozzles that ensure a medium or coarser spray help minimize downwind buffer zones. Hollow cone-type nozzles or other nozzles that produce a fine-droplet spray are not recommended for use with Relzar.

“As the product is added to water, you can see visible dispersion trails which provides an ease of use with equipment,” says Agi. “There is no plugging of sprayers or nozzles and the product provides even coverage when applied.”

Relzar has minimal restrictions when sprayed near water and sensitive plants—Agi says the product can be sprayed up to the edge of a landscape bed. The product is expected to receive the signal word “caution,” and can be used in sensitive areas such as schools and municipalities. Relzar also has little to no odor compared to other products on the market.

“Another key feature for LCOs is that the packaging was designed based on input from our customers, so it’s easy to accurately measure,” Agi adds. “That is something they will find advantageous.”

®™Trademark of Dow AgroSciences, DuPont or Pioneer and their affiliated companies and respective owners. Arylex is a registered active ingredient. Relzar has not yet received regulatory approvals; approvals are pending. The information presented here is not an offer for sale. Always read and follow label directions.
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