Kichler unveils the 12V LED Accent with variable lumen output

October 23, 2017 -  By

Photo: Kichler

Kichler introduced the 12-volt LED Accent with variable lumen output (VLO), which offers three lumen options in one fixture.

“Installers and landscape contractors can now deliver more customized landscape options,” said Scott Pesta, senior product manager of Kichler. “The new 12-volt LED Accent with VLO allows them to quickly adjust the lighting design during installation for the ideal light output or adjust as landscape application needs evolve.”

The LED Accent is available in two sizes—small (100, 200 and 300 lumens) and large (400, 600 and 835 lumens)—and in two color temperatures—2700 kelvin and 3000 kelvin.

Its three bean angles can be adjust electronically, to 10 degrees (spot), 35-degree (flood) and 60-degree (wide flood). Finish options available include bronze, textured black or centennial brass and a textured white finish for the 35-degree option. Additionally, the model includes built-in 60000-volt surge protection and a fully-sealed magnetic switching sensor.

Cowls, lenses and louver accessories are also available. The product line includes a 15-year warranty.

Photo: Kichler

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