Koch Turf & Ornamental XCU Fertilizer

May 7, 2015 -  By
Koch_XCU Photo: Koch

Photo: Koch

XCU® slow-release enhanced efficiency fertilizer is the new generation of polymer-coated sulfur-coated urea (PCSCU). A special manufacturing process gives each granule a durable, consistent and one-of-a-kind coating. XCU® fertilizer is the only PCSCU with an inner polymer layer that encapsulates and protects the urea granule. The outer layers consist of a thin coating of elemental sulfur and a polymer wax, working together to protect the inner polymer coating leading to a reduced likelihood of lock-off or catastrophic release. The unique formulation and coating process delivers 43 percent nitrogen and 4 percent sulfur content (43-0-0) and 41 percent nitrogen and 8 percent sulfur content (41-0-0).


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