Kohler Engines: Command PRO EFI Propane Engine

January 1, 2013 -  By
Photo: Kohler Engines

The Command PRO EFI Propane Engine, which combines closed-loop EFI (electronic fuel injection) technology with the benefits of propane, is an efficient, environmentally friendly option that provides increased productivity and a lower overall operating cost. The propane engine is an option on the Command PRO EFI commercial line, which includes more than a dozen engines ranging from 19 to 29 hp. EFI engines integrate an oxygen sensor that analyzes the air/fuel mixture in the unit’s muffler. If the oxygen level strays from the ideal mixture, the sensor triggers adjustments to the amount of fuel injected into the system. EFI technology then closes the loop between the air/fuel intake and the exhaust output to provide a constant stream of critical feedback, which helps deliver optimal fuel efficiency, provides easier starting, improves power and increases life span.



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