Kowoll unveils latest robotic mower with GPS technology and 3D lidar slam sensors

July 5, 2023 -  By
(Photo: Kowoll)

Kowoll’s robotic mower captures 3D data of the environment to create an accurate map in real time. (Photo: Kowoll)

Kowoll‘s latest robotic mower, the M28E, uses RTK-GPS technology, 3D lidar slam synchronous positioning, mapping and a multi-sensor fusion positioning approach for centimeter-level positioning.

Key features include navigation without perimeter cables, which eliminates the need for digging or burying wires. The lidar slam sensors capture 3D data of the environment, to build an accurate map in real time. It will have a trimming function that completes tasks by mowing along boundary lines.

The M28E comes equipped with a 100-watt motor and if it runs into an obstacle, such as a rock or a stick, the floating cutting deck will adjust. The collision-avoidance system also helps ensure the mower stops instantly and goes in a different direction when it runs into something. According to the company, the robotic lawnmower can climb slopes as high as 25 degrees. 

The robotic mower will return to the deck to recharge when the battery gets low and if it detects rain. With GPS tracking, it sends a real-time message to users if it is stolen.

Users can download the Kowoll app to help set up automated jobs for each zone. This includes how and when to mow, where to cut and how high to set the cutting plate.

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