Landscape pros share their 2020 business goals

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You’ve likely seen LM’s Question of the Week on social media. We wanted some insight on readers’ goals for the new year, so we posed the following question on Dec. 9: What are your business goals for 2020?

See below for a few responses:

“We are on a two-pronged attack. Improve customer service and focus on increasing our productivity through a better training program. We believe this will show our employees that we value them, along with improving our bonus structure for our foreman.”

— Jack Holmes, owner, Degree Lawn and Landscape, West Chester, Ohio

“We are working to incorporate a ‘Dream Management’ program for our employees to have help and mentoring in fulfilling their dreams. We want all our work to mean for more than just dollars and improving landscapes in peoples’ lives.”

— Aaron Katerberg, CEO, Grapids Irrigation, Grand Rapids, Mich. 

“We want the obvious profit growth and to grow our footprint in mid-Michigan, but what we’re really hoping for is finding a way to make our employees happier and keep retention higher. We’re trying to implement direct deposit, benefits and a bonus program this year.”

— Maegan Jenkins, owner, Elm Creek Lawn & Landscaping, Farrell, Mich.

“We are trying to reduce the amount of chemicals used on each property while increasing the health and quality of the property. The fewer visited that require chemicals increases the amount of work that nonlicensed employees can do while increasing the bottom line, since we use less overhead and increase the soil health of the property.”

— Grant Rardon, CEO, Two Tigers and a Truck, McPherson, Kan. 

“We are expecting to double in revenue and are planning for a 15 percent margin goal.”

— Levi Duckett, president, Sunshine Landscape, Meridian, Idaho

“(I am) planning to keep growing my business, continue to network and learn, focus on my niches, help out others in the community, strategize my marketing, hopefully add some equipment, scale back and overall juts continue to grow and be successful.”

— Brett Cole Peneguy, Brett Services, Hoschton, Ga. 

“Utilize more sustainable practices without compromising results or increasing cost to our clients.”

— Steve Mendez, owner, U.S. Lawns, St. Simons Island, Ga.

“To have our business allow us to transition out of being in the employee world and be full time with our business.”

— Biz Property Management, Greece, N.Y.

“We’re in the process of switching from 100 percent residential to 100 percent commercial. it’s allowing us to maximize our services from eight months a year to 12 months a year.”

— Craig Willeford, Clean Cut Yards, Burleson, Texas

“For all of our current and new clients to be prosperous so that they will continue to grow with us in 2020.”

— Jon Geer, Alfresco Landscapes, Grand Rapids, Mich.

“Finding any(one) with a pulse who will actually show up for work.”

— Tim Habazin, owner, Northern Scapes, Pittsburgh, Pa.


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