Lawn care company gives back in Colorado


Mary and Eric Infante, co-owners of All American Lawn Services in Evans, Colo., wanted to do something to help during this COVID-19 pandemic.

“I felt this overwhelming need to give back,” Eric Infante says. “The only way I could think of was donating my services since I’m out there mowing anyway. Why not help?”

The couple is giving away a free year of service to 10 first responders — firefighter, police officer, nurse, doctor or paramedic.

“They seem to appreciate it a lot,” Eric Infante says of the first responders he’s taking care of.

The Infantes say they have only three first responders whom family members have nominated. It could be the first responders in the area are humble or just focused on the task at hand, or it could be the weather and they’ll get more takers as the weather gets better and people spend more time outside, says Mary Infante.

“It’s tough to ask for stuff sometimes,” she says.

All American Lawn Services’ clientele is 80 percent residential and 20 percent commercial and provides mowing and lawn maintenance services.

Eric Infante estimates he mows about 50 to 55 yards a week, and he’s had quite a few customers who have signed up. He started aerating yards about a month ago.

“I have noticed a drop with aerations,” he says. “I’m doing half as many this year as last year.”

With mowing season starting, the Infantes have contacted existing customers to get a handle on how their current clients will proceed.

“I already lost more than 10,” Eric Infante says. “They’re worried that the tenants at the apartment complex can’t pay rent. There are people that are home now and able to take care of their yard.”

Eric says he’s worried about how the season will progress, but Mary says they try to stay optimistic.

“There’s a lot of hope in this house,” she says.

And, they’re optimistic that more first responders will take advantage of their offer.

“It’s got to be nice to come home exhausted and have a nice mowed lawn,” Mary Infante says.

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Christina Herrick

Christina Herrick is a former Editor for Landscape Management. A Journalist graduate from Ohio Northern University, Christina is known for sharing her insightful experiences on the road with her audience.

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