Lawn Care Market Report


Lawn care—the segment of the Green Industry in which professionals apply fertilizer, pesticides and/or use cultural methods to improve and maintain turf—remains one of the most profitable yet competitive parts of the market. There are many regional players competing with a few large, national companies and franchises—in addition to the full-service or landscape maintenance companies that do application work for their clients.

Because lawn care is its own animal within the landscape industry and among our readers, we investigated the state of the lawn care market, how its operators are faring and what’s on the horizon with a mix of interviews and an exclusive survey. These are the results.

Survey methodology

To gather insights for the 2013 Lawn Care Market Report, Landscape Management surveyed readers online in February, resulting in 773 responses. The charts and statistics published throughout this report come from that survey, unless otherwise noted. Based on the sample size and response rate, a 95 percent confidence level is assumed with a +/- 5 percent margin of error. Not all respondents answered every question; we denote the response number with each chart (i.e., N=619).


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