Lawn Dawg establishes perimeter pest control service

March 5, 2014 -  By

Gearing up for the 2014 season, Lawn Dawg launched a perimeter pest control service.

Part of a newly formed pest control division, the service will be available in Maine, Massachusetts and Albany, N.Y.

“We’ve been asked by our customers for the past several years about providing solutions to insects and pests that invade the home,” said Jim Campanella, Lawn Dawg founder. “It can be serious because these pests are carriers of diseases and can even, in some cases, cause damage to physical structures.”

Campanella added the perimeter pest control service is an extension of the company’s current tick, flea and ant control service. The perimeter pest control service is designed to keep invasive pests—such as spiders, cockroaches, earwigs, ants and many more—out of the home and to leave beneficial insects unharmed so they may thrive and support the ecosystem.

Treatments are applied to the exterior of the home and up to several feet away from the foundation, and it is designed not to harm grass, shrubs or flowers.

“Our pest control professionals will spray the perimeter of the home four times per year,” Campanella said. “The benefits for homeowners are the risks of diseases and damage associated with these pests are greatly reduced, and the applications are timed to provide season-long coverage. The homeowners don’t even need to be home for the applications.”

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