LawnStarter updates LawnStarter for Providers app

February 21, 2018 -  By
Logo: LawnStarter

Logo: LawnStarter

LawnStarter released a newly designed interface for its LawnStarter for Providers app.

“It’s a really big step forward for usability and allows us, as a company, to roll new things out to our providers more rapidly,” said Jake Andersson, head of product at LawnStarter. “We care about the experience providers have working with us and believe this will help deepen our relationship with them.”

The update includes a complete visual redesign, improved self-help features—such as a list of common issues—and a smart service area feature, which is designed to match providers with the best service area based on their location and demand, according to the company.

The redesign now matches the LawnStarter brand guidelines, uses native components, common mobile workflows and is more hand-held friendly.

Additionally, the LawnStarter team is actively making updates and working on a feature that will give providers their stats and provide feedback on how to optimize their business.

The LawnStarter for Providers app allows lawn care providers to claim jobs, manage their schedules and coordinate their crews. It works in conjunction with LawnStarter’s web platform.

The app uses background geolocation tracking to provide location data that can be linked to LawnStarter’s web software, allowing providers to track and manage their fleet in real time. Historical location data is also provided on the web software.

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