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Learn how Foamstream helped a Pennsylvania company slash labor

March 7, 2023 -  By

4B Landscape and Construction, a full-service landscape design, installation and maintenance company in the Philadelphia area started using Foamstream, a non-herbicide weed control, in 2022. The product created by Weedingtech offers users a non-herbicide weed control option that uses hot water insulated by a specially formulated biodegradable and organic foam. 

Gary Berg Jr., COO of 4B Landscape and Construction, said Foamstream saves his company 25 percent in labor on each site compared to hand weeding. He estimates this to be about 90 hours a season.

“Because it treats the spores and seeds as well as the weed, Foamstream has decreased our annual treatments from seven to three or four,” he said. “It has also eliminated costly overspray or leaching repairs and expanded our potential for treatment throughout the year instead of being limited by suitable weather windows.”

Learn more about Foamstream from LM‘s Editor-in-chief Seth Jones and Dustun Rosdail of Foamstream here.

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