Light Logic Plus offers app-controlled lighting system

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Unique Lighting Systems released an evolved version of its Light Logic Wireless Control System. With the addition of Internet-access and a mobile app, Light Logic Plus gives contractors and homeowners remote control of their lighting systems.

Using the website or smartphone app, Light Logic Plus controls outdoor lighting scenes, monitors maintenance issues and controls nonlighting aspects of landscape, like gates, security systems, ponds and fountains. The app is free and compatible with PC, Apple, Android and iOS devices.

With four lighting scenes available, Light Logic Plus has the capacity to control up to 250 transformers or power control devices, according to Unique Lighting Systems. Outside of Wi-Fi, Light Logic Plus offers an extended wireless range up to 1,000 feet within a line of sight.

Unique Lighting Systems uses the HUB wiring system, which it said makes installation and maintenance less time consuming and costly.

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