Little Beaver adds towable hydraulic earth drill

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Little Beaver

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Little Beaver, a manufacturer of drilling equipment, unveiled the towable hydraulic earth drill.

“The towable is perfect for individuals who need the power of a hydraulic earth drill without the operating weight and transportation challenges that are sometimes associated with traditional units,” said Mike Hale, sales manager for Little Beaver. “The frame balances the weight of the drill over the wheels, making it easy to move, pivot into place and manage when drilling.”

The balanced frame design reduces operating weight by roughly 50 percent compared to traditional hydraulic drills and requires less than 20 pounds of force to pivot into digging position, Little Beaver said.

The drill features an 11-hp Honda engine and a 2,700 psi hydraulic system that provides up to 300 foot-pounds of torque with an auger speed of 150 rpm.

The rig can be transported using a removable, no-tools towing hitch. Additionally, the towable features a 34-inch width and 16-inch semi-pneumatic tires and auger lock.

The towable also includes a two-position handle that rotates 180 degrees and a variable 20-degree auger tilt making it possible to drill vertically in uneven terrain. The reverse auger rotation control is located on the handle for safety and convenience, and a built-in pressure chief valve releases if the drill reaches a certain hydraulic pressure, stopping the auger and protecting the operator.

The machine is compatible with all Little Beaver 36- and 42-inch standard, carbide and rock snap-on augers. All three augers feature spring-loaded snap buttons to secure the auger to the drill head, eliminating the need for tools. Adapters are also available to make the drill compatible with augers from other manufacturers.

The drill is backed by a two-year warranty, and the engine is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Photo: Little Beaver

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