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LM150 double-digit growth spurt

June 19, 2013 -  By

58 LM150 companies grew 10 percent or more in 2012. Here they are and how six of them continue to grow.

How The Grounds Guys does it: At a growth rate of 260 percent from 2011 to 2012, managing growth is a challenge for The Grounds Guys, which began franchising in the U.S. in 2010 and topped the 100-franchisee mark in 2012. The company plans to continue growing by increasing sales training, staffing up, and continuing communications with the franchise’s advisory council members and franchisees at large.

How LegacyScapes does it: Part of Cherry Lake Tree Farm, a diversified agri-business, LegacyScapes has continued to invest in its team and assets. Challenges include the costs and shortage of plant material and difficulty finding laborers. The company mitigates its plant market challenges by educating clients on plant supply pendulum shifts and partnering with suppliers to schedule and plan plant material needs in advance. To combat labor challenges, it shares resources with its sister companies and has begun using the H-2B guest-worker program.

How The LaurelRock Co. does it: In its solid 2012, The LaurelRock Co. added an up-and-coming service line—green walls and green roofs—by partnering with a manufacturer and becoming certified. To gain efficiencies, the company also purchased equipment: a mulch blower and switch-and-go truck, and rewarded employees through a profit-sharing program. With the success of these initiatives, the company plans for continued growth in 2013.

How NJ Best Lawns Sprinklers & Fencing does it: Expanding commercial construction and erosion control services has been a boon for NJ Best Lawns Sprinklers & Fencing. The company hopes future profit improvements will come from its efforts to cross train employees and the addition of a full-time accountant to facilitate the accounts receivable process.

How The Greenery does it: A quality inspection program has helped pave the way for happier customers and continued growth for The Greenery. Supervisors and managers inspect one another’s accounts and report results that are shared and discussed with each account’s branch manager and supervisor.

How Native Land Design does it: To combat increasing fuel costs, Native Land Design is targeting new work strategically around existing clients to build route density and decrease drive time between sites. The company also is purchasing propane-powered and other fuel-efficient equipment.


% revenue change from 2011
1 The Grounds Guys 260%
2 LegacyScapes 153%
3 Odyssey Landscaping 71%
Maldonado Nursery & Landscaping 71%
5 Santa Rita Landscaping 67%
6 The Stockner Group 51%
7 LMI Landscapes 44%
8 McHale Landscape Design 40%
9 Rotolo Consultants (RCI) 38%
10 Ferrandino & Son 35%
Designs By Sundown 35%
12 Integrated Landscape Management 33%
13 John Mini Distinctive Landscapes 30%
Yard-Nique 30%
15 Lawn Dawg 26%
Dixie Landscape Co. 26%
17 Nanak’s Landscaping 25%
Southview Design 25%
Ecoscape Solutions Group 25%
Luke Brothers Landscape Services 25%
Webb Landscape 25%
22 Gothic Landscape 24%
Environmental Management Services 24%
24 American Landscape Systems 22%
25 Garden Design (formerly Metroplex 21%
Garden Design Landscaping)
Plantscapes 21%
The LaurelRock Co. 21%
28 Five Star Landscape 20%
29 EMCOR/USM 19%
30 Pierre Sprinkler & Landscape 18%
31 Outside Unlimited 17%
32 Clean Scapes 16%
Ryan Lawn & Tree 16%
34 Southern Botanical 15%
Lucas Tree Expert Co. 15%
NJ Best Lawns Sprinklers & Fencing 15%
Executive Landscape 15%
Cagwin & Dorward 15%
39 Ruppert Landscape 14%
SavATree 14%
Mission Landscape Cos. 14%
42 Swingle Lawn, Tree & Landscape Care 13%
The Pattie Group 13%
44 Schultz Industries 12%
Pacific Outdoor Living 12%
The Greenery 12%
Native Land Design 12%
48 Christy Webber Landscapes 11%
D. Schumacher Landscaping 11%
50 Carol King Landscape Maintenance 10%
Complete Landscaping Systems 10%
Green Lawn Fertilizing 10%
Blondies Treehouse 10%
Sposato Landscape Co. 10%
Naturescape 10%
NaturaLawn of America 10%
U.S. Lawns 10%
Bartlett Tree Experts 10%
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