LM150: Pros offer tips to hit your future growth goals

profit growth. Image: iStock.com/Auris
Image: iStock.com/Auris
Graphic: LM Staff
Graphic: LM Staff

Didn’t make the LM150 list this year? We asked pros from companies on our 2022 list to share some advice for others striving to hit growth goals.

“Understand your numbers. Analyze your job costs to understand where you are making or losing money. Profits are never made by accident and if your only understanding of making or losing money is by how much is in your bank account at the end of the month, you are essentially running your business blind, leaving you at a huge disadvantage to your larger competition.” — Tanner Spross, CEO of Santa Rita Landscaping

“Be thinking ahead on your needs and stay out of the weeds as much as possible. In these times, if you aren’t forecasting ahead, you will get swallowed up quickly. Also, cash is king, so get the money as soon as a job is complete.” — Judd Bryarly, CEO of Timberline Landscaping

“Know your bread and butter; focus on small jobs that will focus your customer base instead of focusing on the higher-priced jobs, which include large overhead expenses. — Andy Hulcy, president, Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage & Lighting

“Don’t reinvent the wheel. Learn what is working for other companies in the industry and then try to repli- cate it yourself. Green Lawn Fertilizing has traveled all over the U.S. to learn from other lawn care companies, and we have hosted several dozens of companies to learn from us. We never stop learning, but the early visits we made were particularly impactful since those help set us on the right course. One of the great things about the lawn and landscape industry is how willing to help each other we all are. — Matt Jesson, president of Green Lawn Fertilizing

“Create SOPs before you need them.” — Chris Angelo, CEO of Stay Green

“Invest in good software to help you manage your business. You need to know where you are making money and where you are not so that you can make informed decisions.” — Shawn Ryan, president of Environmental Designs

“Charge more. Get out of your own head and charge your worth, but you have to deliver. Don’t take advantage of people, but know your costs.” — Todd Thomasson, owner of Rock Water Farm

“Stay the course no matter how rough the sea. April 11, 2022, marked 25 years ago that I started Yardnique. I never could have dreamed the company that we have today would be possible. DREAM BIG!” — Brian DuMont, CEO of Yardnique

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