Loftness intros hydraulic oil cooler

March 3, 2015 -  By

The Cool Flow hydraulic oil cooler by Loftness can be used with all brands of skid-steers.

Loftness released its Cool Flow hydraulic oil cooler, which is designed for skid-steers.

According to Loftness, the Cool Flow greatly reduces the risk of overheating in skid-steers and hydraulically powered attachments when operating in demanding applications and hot work environments. It also includes an automatic thermostat-controller fan that provides adequate cooling to the system.

The Cool Flow cooler attaches to the roof of a skid-steer cab and has a self-cleaning design with a bottom screen that slides out for easy cleaning. In addition, it allows full hydraulic flow to the attachment in either direction without risk of damage to the cooler, says the company.

The Cool Flow has up to 40 GPM flow capacity and is compatible with all brands of skid-steers. According to Loftness, it also has the ability to provide cooling for multiple attachments used on one skid-steer.

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