Loftness redesigns hydraulic oil cooler

October 12, 2016 -  By

Photo: LoftnessLoftness redesigned its Cool Flow auxiliary hydraulic cooler to have an increased cooling capacity and decreased profile.

The Cool Flow reduces the risk of overheating in machines such as skid-steers, backhoes and track loaders.

Twin 11-inch-diameter fans, an aluminum brazed core and a peak flow of 45 gallons per minute push cooling to 120,000 British thermal units per hour. Fan speed is controlled by a 12-volt system and an automatic thermostatically controlled on/off switch, assuring hydraulics remain at safe operating levels, regardless of the load demand of the attachment or high operating temperatures, the company said.

The Cool Flow can be installed to a cab roof where it is less susceptible to vibration, back pressure and debris.

The updated Cool Flow has a smaller profile and is engineered to allow full hydraulic flow to the attachment, in either direction, without risk of damage to the cooler, Loftness said.

Operators can keep the unit continuously mounted to provide cooling for multiple attachments used on one machine. To simplify maintenance, the bottom screen slides out for debris removal, and the top protective screen can also be removed.

Photo: Loftness



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