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Maryland county faces proposed pesticide ban

October 30, 2014 -  By

George Leventhal, county council VP of Montgomery County, Md., introduced a bill to restrict pesticides used on lawns in the county, according to Bethesda Magazine. 

The ban targets pesticides linked to possible health concerns. It requires the county to assemble a pest management plan to assess the damage caused by pests to determine the necessity of using pesticides on them.

“There are ways to care for lawns that don’t require the use of hazardous chemicals,” Leventhal said. “There are companies that I know well that are springing up to meet that need right now in Montgomery County.”

Eric Wenger is not one of them. Co-owner of Complete Lawn Care, located in Laytonsville, Md., and president of the Washington, D.C., branch of the Professional Grounds Management Society, Wenger expressed the county ban would be redundant as pesticide use currently is regulated by the Maryland Department of Agriculture.

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