Master Manufacturing releases smartphone app to help users calculate liquid needs

March 25, 2016 -  By

Spraying-Simple-AppMaster Manufacturing, a brand of Valley Industries, released the free Spraying Simple app, available for download on iPhone & Android phones.

The Spraying Simple app helps applicators determine how much liquid they need for a particular spray job. The app also features a speedometer function to monitor speed for proper application rate.

To start, walk or map your spray area. Then enter your spray equipment to calculate the necessary amount of liquid for your project.

The app gives users the ability to:
• Accurately measure your spray area by viewing map and placing pin points or simply walk the perimeter of the property;
• Save, store and make notes of each property;
• Calculate spray area by acres or square feet;
• Determine total liquid needed by gallons or liters; and
• Insert desired speed range into speedometer function and receive audio warnings when you fall outside of your range.

Photo: Master Manufacturing

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