Mean Green Mowers: Solar Assisted Mower

April 12, 2016 -  By

Meet S.A.M.! The latest high–tech innovation from the engineering team of Mean Green Mowers. S.A.M. (Solar Assisted Mower) is an optional solar electric canopy that can be added to the commercial electric Mean Green CXR-52”/60” ZTR ride-on mower.

S.A.M. increases productivity and public relations. With the S.A.M. option, the CXR operator enjoys the comfort of shading from the sun with a strong, flexible solar panel mounted in a quickly removable, ROPS mounted canopy frame. During sunny days, S.A.M goes to work for you extending the all day run times by collecting the sun’s energy and replenishing the powerful Mean Green LEM lithium battery packs that power the CXR mower. With S.A.M., onlookers will be impressed with your dedication to Go Green with the quiet, zero emission, solar-equipped CXR mower.

S.A.M. saves you money. S.A.M. not only saves you money by absorbing free energy from the sun, but S.A.M. can also save you big money at tax time! By adding the S.A.M. option with your new CXR mower purchase, you may qualify for the 30 percent tax Federal Solar Tax Credit (not a deduction, but full credit!) from the value of the solar equipment and LEM batteries. Tax credit savings of up to $5,610 are possible with the fully equipped CXR-60 industrial mower package. For a limited time, S.A.M. also qualifies you for an instant Factory CXR Mower Rebate of $1,100 plus another $300 rebate with AGZA membership!

S.A.M. saves our environment. Energy collected from S.A.M. is immediately converted to power to assist mowing operation of the CXR mower. Compared to one inefficient gas commercial mower, one commercial electric Mean Green CXR mower can reduce exhaust emissions equivalent to removing about 200 cars from the road per year!

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