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Meet KR Chariot inventor David Reeves | GIE+EXPO 2019

October 23, 2019 -  By

The inventor of the KR Chariot, David Reeves, spoke with Landscape Management while at his outdoor exhibit booth during the 2019 GIE+EXPO in Louisville, Ky. Check out what he had to share about the future of the KR Chariot.

Transcript and photos below.

Photo: LM Staff

Photo: LM Staff

Photo: LM Staff

Photo: LM Staff

Photo: LM Staff

Photo: LM Staff

Photo: LM Staff

Photo: LM Staff

Seth Jones (SJ): Hey everybody this is Seth Jones, editor-in-chief of Landscape Management magazine. I’m at the 2019 GIE+EXPO show here in Louisville. I’m being joined by David Reeves, he is the inventor of the KR Chariot and David, thanks for taking the time. Tell me about yourself — first of all you got a company down in Florida?

David Reeves (DR): Yeah, Reeves Lawn Care and Equipment. I’m pretty much a solo guy, came up with this invention here in 2016.

SJ: So tell me about the KR Chariot.

DR: It’s a foot operated utility machine that you can line trim, edge, blow … its got a sprayer built on to it. We have fertilizer attachment, a platform for trimming tall hedges, we have a utility tool box and all the attachments just slide right on with no tools. It’s also got a hitch for pulling a wagon or whatever else you might want to pull.

SJ: This is what you’re using every day for your for work?

DR: Yeah the one he’s on right there, we use in my business.

SJ: How does it change the way you do your business?

DR: It’s been like this when I was in my 30s — the most accounts I could do was 56 accounts. Now I’m doing 76 and I’m almost 53 (years old).

SJ: Because walking’s overrated, right?

DR: Walking is overrated.

SJ: Now, how hard is it to operate?

DR: It takes you about 15 minutes to get used to it with it idle down. It’s kind of like the zero turn mowers when you first get on it and get used to it. Within about 30 minutes, you know its a little different for everyone, but about 30 minutes you’re throttling it up a little bit.

SJ: What’s the reaction been like? Every time I come by you’ve got a group of onlookers.

DR: It’s been spectacular. Our social media guy’s been helping us out,  Jake the Lawn Care Kid said from his calculations we had reached 17 million people in two weeks.

SJ: What do people, what do my readers, need to know? How do they go find out more about you?

DR: Right now, you know this week we’re trying to get a manufacturer to help us get this thing built. Right now we don’t have a website but you know after the show we probably will.

SJ: Okay so we don’t quite know what’s next so can you give me a hint on what do you think is next?

DR: Well we’re supposed to have breakfast in the morning with one of the bigger companies and I think we got a few more interested and we’re gonna go from there.

SJ: When you find out will you give us a call?

DR: Oh sure.

SJ: Okay, sounds great. Everybody this is David Reeves, he’s the inventor of the KR Chariot, as you can see in the new issue of Landscape Management we had. David, appreciate you taking the time to talk to us and congratulations on your success.

DR: Thank you very much.

SJ: For David Reeves, I’m Seth Jones thanks for checking in with us here at the 2019 GIE+EXPO. You’re watching Landscape Management.


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