Michelin expands Tweel Turf, UTV lines

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Kubota mower with Tweel

A Kubota mower featuring the Tweel with the 5-4.5 inch bolt-pattern configuration. Photo: Michelin North America

Michelin North America is adding to its Tweel airless radial portfolio on its Turf and UTV lines.

New Turf products include:

  • 24-inch Turf size for zero-turn radius (ZTR) mowers with 5-4.5-inch bolt-pattern hubs;
  • 26-inch Turf size for ZTR mowers with 5-4.5-inch bolt-pattern hubs; and
  • 13-inch ZTR caster design with improved performance and stability.

“Michelin is listening and responding to customer requests,” said Olivier Brauen, vice president of Michelin Tweel Technologies. “With the 5-4.5-inch bolt-pattern hub configuration comprising over half of the total commercial ZTR market, Michelin responded with these new offers in our award-winning airless tire product line.”

Gravely, Ferris, Kubota and Grasshopper operators of ZTR mowers using 24-inch, 5-4.5-inch bolt-pattern rear tire/wheels will be able to buy the Michelin X Tweel Turf airless products for their commercial mowers in limited quantities by the end of 2018.

Available as an aftermarket product through Sunbelt Outdoor Products and ANI Products, the 24-inch, 5-4.5-inch bolt-pattern black hub version will fit:

  • Gravely Pro-Turn 100, 200 and 400 Series;
  • Ferris IS2600Z Series and F210Z models;
  • Kubota Z725 and Z726 models; and
  • Grasshopper M1 MidMount 200, 300 and 400 Series and FrontMount 900 Series.

The 26-inch, 5-4.5-inch bolt-pattern Michelin X Tweel Turf is now available for Kubota, Exmark, Ferris and Bad Boy operators of commercial ZTR mowers. Available now as an aftermarket product for online purchase through Michelin as well as through Sunbelt Outdoor Products and ANI Products, the 26-inch, 5-4.5-inch bolt-pattern black hub version will fit:

  • Kubota ZD1211, ZD1511 and ZG326 models;
  • Exmark Lazer Z Diesel model;
  • Ferris F320Z and IS3200Z models; and
  • Bad Boy 1500 Diesel.

Available immediately in the 13×6.5N6 size, the new configuration is designed to provide enhanced performance and more stability with its flat, smooth design, fitting a larger range of mowers than the current ribbed version.

New UTV products

Two utility off-highway applications will make their debut: the 26-inch UTV 5-4.5-inch bolt-pattern hub for John Deere Gator UTVs and Argo XTVs and the 26-inch UTV 4-110-mm bolt-pattern for several Honda, Kubota, Yamaha and Argo ATVs and UTVs.

The new Michelin X Tweel UTV 26x9N14 airless radial tire with 5-4.5-inch and 4-110-mm bolt-patterns designed for use on ATVs and UTVs will be sold as fitments for the John Deere, Honda, Kubota, Yamaha and Argo replacement market. With a 50-mph speed rating at a maximum gross vehicle weight of 2,860 pounds, the 26-inch UTV will be available in limited quantities by the end of 2018 for a variety of machines, including John Deere Gator XUVs, Honda Pioneer ATVs, Kubota RTV 900s, Yamaha Vikings and Argo XTVs and ATVs.

“Our production facility is primed for increasing our portfolio and has been manufacturing these new products for customers to boost their productivity and bottom line,” Brauen said.

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