Million Trees NYC to use mobile data-collection system

October 29, 2014 -  By

Nektar Data Systems, a mobile data software solutions provider based in Edmonton, Alberta, secured a contract with New York City to assist the parks department to monitor and report on trees planted as part of the city’s Million Trees NYC environmental initiative.

The New York City parks department required a cloud-based mobile data collection system to quantify the contractual requirements for tree planting and maintenance work as completed by contractors hired within the program. After a successful pilot, New York City has chosen Nektar Data Systems’ Histree product.

Using Histree product, the city will track, record and report on all contractor/tree events. This use will allow New York City parks staff to perform inspections on trees and to fully document, map and quantify when and where work is being performed by contractors. The information gathered will include information such as tree inspections and assessments, pictures, date and time stamps records, as well as the exact GPS map location of each tree and event. All data will be hosted in cloud servers giving the contractors and parks administrative staff the option to add data to the database or retrieve and view each tree’s history at any time from any device. Users also will use Histree’s GPS mapping functionality to facilitate routing and scheduling processes within a single interface.

“The ability to manage a tree’s well-being, directly from the field, using a smartphone or tablet will revolutionize municipally managed tree planting programs,” said Nektar Data Systems President and CEO Art Maat. “It brings everyone’s accountability in planning, implementing and follow-up on any green project, big or small, to the forefront.”

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