Minnesota-based IDEA competition finalist creates new bed-edging blade

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Bed RaptorJohn Szurpicki, finalist of the northwest Minnesota-based IDEA competition, launched the Bed Raptor, a bed-edging blade for residential and commercial use.

A universal laser cut accessory for tiller machine applications, the product cuts a bed edge and also cultivates the soil, according to Szurpicki.

John Szurpicki has been in the landscaping industry for 27-plus years. He operates J & H Home Inspections and Provision Contractors in northern Minnesota.

The IDEA Competition aims to grow the economy of Northwest Minnesota by positioning its innovators for success in the global marketplace. According to the organization’s website, the program identifies the most promising ideas and entrepreneurs through a competitive process, awards cash to winners and provides intensive follow-up assistance. 

“I couldn’t have done this without the IDEA competition,” Szurpicki said. “It gave me a platform and offered support by connecting me with professionals, investors and BSU engineers. It has truly been a collaboration of the finest leaders, visionaries, investors and entrepreneurs.”

The bed-edging kit includes a steel blade, a wheel, instructions and pin clips. Contractors can put the blade on equipment they already have.

Szurpicki will work with Aaron Stolhammer, owner of Stolhammer and Sons, a precision metal fabrication and manufacturing facility, to produce the product.

Photo: Provision Contractors

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