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December 9, 2019 -  By
Photo: Greenius

Photo: Greenius

Many costly mistakes can be avoided if your morning prep is done correctly and consistently.

Photo: Greenius

Photo: Greenius

Profit margins are often thin on landscaping jobs. It’s been estimated that an hour of wasted time on the job can ruin a project’s daily budget.

Where are those profits recovered? Perhaps in wages, bonuses or even layoffs. If landscape pros leave the yard in the morning without the right gear, the right plan or the right attitude, it can set a company back even further.

A successful morning prep routine usually comes down to three factors: people, equipment/materials and a plan.

Regardless of a company’s specialty, the plan for today should have started yesterday. Before arriving at the shop, landscapers should know:

  • What tools are needed for the day’s work; and
  • What materials are needed for today and tomorrow. It’s important to ensure the materials needed are delivered on time, as well.

Looking at their jobs’ timelines, landscapers should have benchmarks for getting things done on time. When setting a plan, crew leaders should set specific targets for themselves and their crew. Then they can look at how to fit other considerations like equipment and materials into the day’s plan

Source: Greenius

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