Mowing slopes with a joystick instead of an employee?


The new remote-control mower looks like the Mars Rover, only it has tracks instead of wheels. You operate it like one of those monster trucks that you bought your kid for Christmas. In fact, Mississippian John Wright, the developer of the new remote-control mower (actually there are several models) says he got the idea more than a decade ago by tinkering with a Power Wheels Barbi Jeep, an alternator, a remote-control car and a lawn mower.

But it wasn’t until he was inspired by Battle Bots, a program on cable television, and did a lot of research on the Internet that he finally put together a working prototype. Now his company, The Summit Lawn Mower Company, is manufacturing and selling remote-control mowers that he says solve the safety problem associated with mowing steep banks.

Here’s the news release from the company:

Remote control lawn mowers from The Summit Lawn Mower Company utilize a self-charging power system while remaining practical on any lawn. And, of course the most environmentally friendly mower is still the push reel from the good old days of Beaver Cleaver. But then again, it boils down to the practicality of the mower. If not many people use it, it is not doing the environment any good. Slope mowing capabilities up to 50 degrees is where the Summit Lawn Mower Company line of remote control lawn mowers really become practical, and not just fun. Lawn care professionals are benefiting from increased productivity. A lawn care professional generally resorts to six or eight men, equipped with time consuming weed eaters, for slopes over 30 degrees. Now they use one man, equipped with a remote control lawn mower, to take on the slopes and ditches. Their other crew members are out focusing on productivity by keeping the wheels spinning on their fleet of zero-turn mowers.

To see a video of one of the company’s remote-control mowers doing its thing, visit http://www.summitmowers.com.

P.S., if any of you have tested or used one of these mowers, we’d love for you to share your experience.

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