NALP and FEWA partner to help members navigate the H-2B visa program

July 10, 2023 -  By

The National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) said it formed a strategic provider relationship with the Federation of Employers and Workers of America (FEWA), a nonprofit association created to assist employers and workers with labor needs. NALP said the organization has specific expertise in assisting employers navigate the H-2B visa program.

“We receive questions and concerns about the H-2B program from members and prospective members on a near daily basis because of the complexity and uncertainty associated with the program,” explained Andrew Bray, senior vice president of NALP. “FEWA and NALP have been collaborating on our H-2B advocacy efforts for many years and this new partnership will only strengthen our collaboration while also offering their expertise to NALP members.”

Finding seasonal workers continues to be the top obstacle confronting the landscape industry and the H-2B guest worker program is critical to alleviating the current labor crisis, with the landscape industry being the largest user of the H-2B program.

“FEWA members have the unique benefit of joining one association to file the H-2B paperwork; process workers abroad; advocate in Washington, D.C.; educate on compliance and have access to legal resources,” said Arnulfo Hinojosa, vice president of FEWA. “We take pride in working with respectable employers that are willing and capable of following the rules such as NALP members.”

NALP’s new partnership with FEWA will give members access to FEWA’s expertise. Members will also have access to exclusive content, including webinars and other resources, to help program users stay compliant with the programs’ complex rules and regulations.

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