NALP to host two Legislative Days to advocate for Farm Bill and H-2B

March 29, 2023 -  By

The National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) said it will host two Legislative Days, the association’s annual education, networking and lobbying day on Capitol Hill.

The two separate legislative days will focus on two of the association’s key advocacy priorities:

  • May 9-10: Farm Bill
  • June 13-14: H-2B

The schedule for both events will go as follows:

  • Arrive Tuesday afternoon/evening. The NALP will host a happy hour to network with other advocates.
  • Wednesday morning, a briefing on Capitol Hill where breakfast will be served, and some elected officials will be invited.
  • Following the briefing, NALP will schedule meetings between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. and attendees can fly out on Wednesday evening.

“The once every five year Farm Bill, is expected to clear the House and Senate prior to the August recess and the May timing will help us attempt to insert our pesticide preemption legislative language in the base text of the House version, which is expected to move first,” NALP said in a statement.

NALP said June is the optimal time for H-2B conversations.

“House has consistently moved appropriations measures in late June and early July.  This is where we continue to have the best opportunity to insert positive language, and the opportunity for a ‘returning worker exception’ in the House has significant momentum,” NALP said.

Those interested in participating should email Karla Segundo to RSVP.

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