NaturaLawn of America: Organic-Based Lawn Care

Photo: NaturaLawn of America
Photo: NaturaLawn of America
Photo: NaturaLawn of America
Photo: NaturaLawn of America

NaturaLawn® of America is the leader in organic-based lawn care. As our nationally recognized brand continues to grow, now is the time to explore your business opportunities with us. Our mission and services resonate with customers seeking safer lawn care for their pets, family, and the environment.

NaturaLawn provides the tools to embark on a successful path toward owning and operating your franchise. As the third largest lawn care company in the country, NaturaLawn grosses over $100 million in revenue. NaturaLawn of America also:

  • Serves over 125,000 customers in 28 states
  • Generates over $2.0 million in annual gross revenue per franchise owner
  • First-year potential is $150,000 in gross revenue

Own a business that is recession-proof with consistent reoccurring revenue. NaturaLawn of America averages the most reoccurring revenues and holds the highest annual retention rate in the franchise lawn care industry.

Our Home Office support system includes dedicated personnel with expertise in operations, sales, accounting, marketing, purchasing, and more. Our new franchise owners receive in-person training, in addition to lifetime support, owner benefits, and assistance.

Timing is Everything! New Owners Training will begin in September. Contact us now!

Blaine Young, Vice President of Franchise & Business Development
301-694-5440  •  301-524-1867

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