Netafim USA: Techline HCVXR

November 30, 2019 -  By
Photo: Netafim USA

Photo: Netafim USA

Netafim’s Techline HCVXR is the only landscape dripline that infuses Cupron copper oxide directly into the mold of each emitter to provide a chemical free, long lasting, non-toxic root barrier for SDI systems.

The only dripline with a 15-year warranty against root intrusion, the HCVXR emitters are engineered with a physical root barrier, extra large bath area, continuous self-flushing mechanisms and raised outlets.

Available in four different flow rates to accommodate any application, Techline HCVXR is pressure-compensating, flexible and UV-resistant, and laser-etched for easy identification of model, flow rate and emitter spacing.

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