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New drone flyover software aims to help pros resolve HOA conflicts

April 15, 2022 -  By

Florida-based Professional Drone Solutions launched software to assist landscaping companies with the management of large-scale contracts.

The company’s Landscape Viewer with equipped drones provides monthly flyovers and reports to resolve homeowners association conflicts and increase landscape margins. Landscape Viewer provides high-resolution imagery for clients who can view, highlight, outline and annotate the image. Reports generate with classifications, photos and geo-referenced locations for each issue annotated. Users have access to a mobile device app when navigating data.

Professional Drone Solution said pricing for services will start at $2 per door per month.

“Our company focuses on leveraging drone technologies to mitigate conflict in relationships that traditionally are difficult,” Professional Drone Solutions said in a release. “ Landscape Viewer will provide our clients with factual, actionable data that they can use to educate and assure their clients rather than fight. It increases profits through unparalleled documentation, targeting crews on problem areas before HOAs notice, retaining clients and improving close rates on new opportunities. … Clients also benefit from increased executive situational awareness as Landscaping Executives can now see their projects easily and remotely, adding critical awareness to the management toolbox.”

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