New fungicide-bactericide registered for use in California

Wilbur-Ellis’ Spärra potassium-phosphite fungicide-bactericide delivers optimum control of Pythium and other diseases.

Wilbur-Ellis recently added Spärra, a unique fungicide-bactericide designed to combat Pythium and other diseases. The fungicide is now labeled for use in California on turf and ornamentals, conifers and other trees.

Wilbur-Ellis said Spärra boasts the highest concentration of EPA-registered potassium phosphite of 59.24 percent mono- and di-potassium salts of phosphorous acid. According to the company, the unique formulation ensures maximum effectiveness against a wide range of fungal and bacterial infections.

Spärra is highly compatible for tank mixing with other products used at a low rate per acre, according to the company. A jar test should always be performed before mixing products to ensure compatibility.

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