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By way of its ad agency Sleek Machine, Lawn Doctor launched a unique advertising campaign just in time for the spring season, Adweek reports.

The ads address consumers’ concerns rather than focus on the company’s brand. The magazine reported that the humorous ad campaign contains more than 50 ads that will run through mid-summer.

“This is retail advertising, first and foremost,” Tim Cawley, Sleek Machine’s creative chief, told Adweek. “It seemed most important to motivate an immediate reaction, as opposed to creating some lofty strategy.”

Many of the ads feature subjects with brown paper bags over their head, reminding consumers, “Don’t be embarrassed by your lawn.” Others focus on the taglines “Have a thick, green lawn,” or feature comedian Eric Schwartz singing sad ballads about his mosquito-and-tick-infested lawn.

Check out the rest of the videos on Lawn Doctor’s YouTube page.

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