New line of robotic lawn mowers from Kress can mow up to 9 acres

(Photo: Kress)
Photo: Kress

Kress revealed a new line of robotic lawn mowers. The Kress real-time kinematic network (RTKn), combined with mowing action plan (MAPTM) technology, allows for satellite-precise multizone management, meaning the Kress Mission and Mission Mega mowers can cut turf in systematic parallel or diagonal lines.

Using Kress’s RTKn network, Mission mowers require no boundary wire or on-site antenna installation. One-time virtual mapping allows the mower to automatically mow on a schedule set by the user.

The Kress Mission line offers five models to choose from with mowing ranges from 3/4 acre to 9 acres. Kress said its entire line of robotic mowers supports a regenerative brake system (RBSTM) which converts kinetic energy into stored power for increased battery life and longer runtimes. Additionally, the mowers have an IPX5-rated washable underbody and an obstacle avoidance system (OAS).

“At Kress, we have designed an autonomous mower that mows like you, without you. The Mission mower performs the mundane task of mowing with exacting accuracy that provides beautiful results,” said Todd Zimmerman, vice president of product development. “The Mission RTKn mower will exceed the expectations of anyone who takes lawn care seriously.”

Kress Mission autonomous mowers also cross driveways and walkways to mow multiple zones and continually learn the most efficient routes for better, quicker cuts. Advanced mobile functionality comes standard on all mowers, giving the robot mowers the ability to connect to cellular networks for adjustable cutting length, software upgrades, remote controllability, theft protection and weather-related working schedules.

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