Chainsaws at Equip Expo boast new technologies and better efficiencies

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The wood chips were flying at Equip Expo 2022. Chainsaws were sawing logs both indoors, as companies gave demos, and outdoors, as companies allowed end users to test the latest and greatest themselves.

Here’s a recap of what we saw and talked about at Equip Expo in the chainsaw category.

Out with the old

At the outdoor Echo booth, Jerry Morgan, chainsaw product manager, demonstrated the company’s latest offerings, including the CS-4511T, the CS-2511PN, the CS-4010 and the CS-4910.

The gas-powered CS-4010 replaces the long-standing CS-400 that was the company’s mainstay since 2007. A 41.6 cc two-stroke engine brings the 4010 a 15-percent increase in hp. The chainsaw is also almost a pound lighter than its predecessor.

“(Equip attendees) thought the chainsaw was outstanding. A lot of people who used the CS-400 on a regular basis noticed the power increase in the new CS-4010,” Morgan said. “The new CS-4920 also has a purge bulb. The previous one did not. We weren’t allowed to have people start the chainsaws from a cold start, but they were happy to hear about this improvement.”

Morgan added that another exciting improvement was the addition of Oregon Tools’ SpeedCut Nano chainsaw chain to the CS-2511TN and the CS-2511PN. The chains are ideal, he said, for lightweight chainsaws.

“It’s a great system, and it works perfectly for these saws,” Morgan said. “If they had it available at the time, we would have launched the 4511T and 2511P a couple years ago with this specifically. We felt the performance was too great not to go ahead and launch the second version of these chainsaws right now because the performance and the lack of vibration are there.”

Proper maintenance is key

At the Oregon Tool booth, John Dilworth, technical sales specialist, demonstrated the efficiency of the company’s chains. He also advised how to make sure the chains and chainsaw systems stay as efficient as possible. Without proper maintenance, even the most advanced chain technology loses efficiency, he said.

“Properly maintain the sharpness of the chain, so you have good quality chips coming out, which also speeds up the cut and doesn’t slow down the process,” Dilworth said. “Once a chain gets damaged, it will affect the bar. If one part is failing, the entire system will fail.

Dilworth added that the bar should be properly maintained and cleaned; the oil hole should always be unobstructed to give proper lubrication; be aware of the angles when sharpening the cutters; and flip the bar every time you remove the chain, similar to how you rotate the tires on your truck.

Stihl showcased its new MSA 300 C-O battery-powered chainsaw at Equip Expo 2022. (Photo: Stihl)

Stihl showcased its new MSA 300 C-O battery-powered chainsaw at Equip Expo 2022. (Photo: Stihl)

“If I’m felling a tree, I’m laying the chainsaw sideways. We’ll notice if you hit something, the teeth will have damage on one side,” he said. “It’ll affect a couple of them or the entire side. At that point, I have to file the chain and file it back to good chrome. Once I’ve done that to one side, I have to make sure the cutter length is the same length as this cutter (on the other side).”

Better battery

At the Stihl booth, the company showcased its new MSA 300 C-O battery-powered chainsaw. The company said this is their most powerful battery-powered chainsaw, and the tool is certified by the American Green Zone Alliance.

The MSA 300 C-O features rubberized soft-touch handles, anti-vibration technology and a lightweight design to help reduce fatigue. The Stihl electric motor offers reduced maintenance and offers low noise levels, according to the company.

“Not only does the MSA 300 C-O give pros the benefits of battery in a chainsaw that delivers professional-grade performance, but it’s also the first of its kind to utilize the power laminate cell technology in the AP 500 S,” said Paul Beblowski, product manager. “Which increases the life of the battery compared to the previous battery model, thus maximizing product performance.”

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