Nite Time Decor shifts focus to product distribution

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In an effort to extend its reach in the landscape lighting industry, Nite Time Décor, of Lubbock, Texas, is transitioning out of its franchising model into a product distributor.

The switch is expected to give the company the ability to sell its private-label product line in more markets, while providing training, support and tools to contractors who may not want to commit at the level that purchasing a franchise would require.

Nite Time Decor CEO Blake Smith said the decision was difficult, but it was the right one. Smith, whose company also operates the Christmas Decor franchise network in 375 markets across the U.S. and Canada, added his team has been working with its existing 40 plus Nite Time Decor franchises to transition out of their franchise agreements.

“As we made this decision, we wanted to take good care of the contractors who joined us as franchisees over the last 15 years,” he said. “But, the transition has been relatively smooth because these franchises see the benefits of increasing our volume, and how they will benefit from that…and they will still have access to most of the tools that they had as franchises.”

Nite Time Décor’s product line consists of solid brass fixtures—which carry a lifetime warranty—and a full line of transformers, accessories and LED lamps.

“In our 15 years in the industry and in 27 years of dealing with contractors, we’ve learned what our clients want and need,” Smith said. “We have systems, tools and products that can help anyone who wants to offer landscape lighting services, big or small.”

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