Nufarm 3336 F and EG fungicides receive label expansions

March 13, 2015 -  By
Logo: Nufarm

Logo: Nufarm Americas

Nufarm Americas announced new label expansions for its Cleary 3336 F and EG fungicides.

The 3336 fungicides now are available in a low-dust extruded granule formulation (EG) as well as a flowable formulation (F). According to the company, the 3336 provides arborists, lawn care operators (LCOs) and greenhouse growers with the power of thiophanate-methyl for spray or drench control of plant diseases.

In addition, both the F and EG received Environmental Protection Agency approval for use on select greenhouse vegetables and transplants, herbs and backyard fruit. The backfruit labels will now assist LCOs who would otherwise need to transplant and apply multiple products to their plants.

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