OTR intros Big Bite tire designed for zero-turn, ride-on and stand-on mowers

The Big Bite turf tire for OTR is designed for zero-turn, ride-on and stand-on mowers and features a large footprint that maximizes traction and stability.
(Photo: OTR)
(Photo: OTR)

OTR Engineered Solutions (OTR) introduces its Big Bite turf tire. Designed for zero-turn, ride-on and stand-on mowers, the tire features a large footprint that maximizes traction and stability. It also offers aggressive styling with low rolling resistance to provide an attractive appearance while protecting delicate turf and grass against damage according to the company.

In addition to its large contact area, the tire has a specialized tread angle to assist in damp conditions and a unique side corner lug design provides extra grip on slopes for improved stability. Open shoulders promote self-cleaning for consistent traction while helping prevent casing damage.

The Big Bite is made from a premium ATV rubber compound and features extra-deep lugs for enhanced wear life.

“The Big Bite tire is a unique tire that not only delivers exceptional performance, but it looks great too,” said Brian Walter, vice president of OEM sales. “It combines superior traction and stability with flotation characteristics that make it turf friendly with improved ride comfort, whether operating on smooth or rough terrain or slopes, even if wet.”

The tire is sold as an assembly, including both the tire and wheel, for easy bolt-on installation. The company says the tire is available in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate many different mower models.

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