PBI-Gordon: TZone SE

February 6, 2018 -  By

TZone™ SE: Formulated for Speed.


Photo: TZone

Delivering twice the triclopyr per acre as most combination products, TZone™ SE Broadleaf Herbicide for Tough Weeds is the fastest triclopyr combination product on the market. TZone SE controls more than 60 of the toughest broadleaf weeds, including wild violet, ground ivy, black medic, oxalis, clover and spurge. TZone SE even provides suppression of yellow nutsedge.

Ideal for use on golf course fairways and roughs, and residential and commercial properties, TZone SE can be used in a variety of turfgrasses, including Kentucky and annual bluegrass, centipedegrass and listed fescues and ryegrasses. The reduced-solvent ester formulation of TZone SE offers excellent cool-weather performance and offers visible activity in hours, including rapid leaf and stem curl, twisting, yellowing and browning.

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