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propane-leadership-awardsThe Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) recognized its first Propane Leadership Award recipients Oct. 19 at 2016 GIE+EXPO.

Mike Halloran, owner of Halloran Power Equipment and MowerWorks in Chicago, and Jeff Sebert, owner of Sebert Landscape in Chicago, are the first recipients of the award.

“The Propane Leadership Award is designed to recognize those in the commercial landscape industry who are not only using propane equipment to better their own business profiles, but who have become propane advocates to their peers as well,” said Jeremy Wishart, deputy director of business development for PERC. “Both Mike Halloran and Jeff Sebert are shining examples of business owners who did their homework and understood the positive impact propane equipment could have on their businesses, both financially and environmentally.”

Halloran and Sebert each received a personalized Louisville Slugger baseball bat to commemorate the award as part of a ceremony on the GIE trade show floor during Dealer Day. Upon receiving the award, Halloran, an equipment dealer, and Sebert, a professional landscape contractor, discussed the benefits propane has had on each of their companies.

For Sebert, considering propane mowers was part of his company’s aim to be greener. Since 2012, his company has exclusively purchased propane machines. Currently, it operates 165 propane mowers, which totals 60 percent of the company’s mower fleet. The financial benefits of propane helped Sebert Landscape further its environmental efforts, too, Sebert said. Reduced fuel costs allowed him to add solar panels to trailers, which help recharge battery-operated equipment moving from customer to customer.

The benefits of a clean fuel were a driver for Halloran to add propane equipment to his sales floor almost a decade ago. He saw a growing demand for green practices and an opportunity to differentiate his business, as well as his customers’ business, from companies using traditional fuels.

Photo: PERC 

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