PLANET launches consumer website


HERNDON, VA.—The Professional Landcare Network (PLANET) recently unveiled a new consumer-focused website. LoveYourLandscape.com provides helpful information for homeowners and clients about caring for lawns and landscapes. It offers design tips and ideas, highlights the benefits of indoor plants, discusses sustainable landscape practices, and includes information about how to choose a professional company, and about Landscape Industry Certified professionals.

Landscape industry companies are encouraged to link to the site and to include it in blogs, social media, or in client communications. The website reinforces the importance of healthy plants and green spaces and the need to hire an educated professional. Each month, the site will include a new spotlight story that will demonstrate how people benefit from their lawns and landscapes.

The new website is part of a larger public relations campaign to raise awareness of the value, expertise, and knowledge of professional lawn and landscape companies, and to foster a deeper appreciation for our green spaces and the desire in the public to improve their landscapes.

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