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Poa pop quiz

December 30, 2019 -  By
Poa annua (Photo: Bayer)

Common culprit Poa annua is one of the more common grassy weeds within the country. (Photo: Bayer)

Poa annua has come up a lot within Landscape Management’s pages, which is why we want to see if you’ve been paying attention. Take the quiz below and click here to see how your answers stack up. (Answer key at the end.)

1. Poa is identified by ______________. (You may choose more than one.)

a. A narrow leaf blade
b. A wide leaf blade
c. A boat-shaped leaf tip
d. A dark green color
e. Bunch-type leaves

2. In what conditions does Poa thrive?

a. Cool, shady areas
b. Warm, shady areas
c. Cool, sunny areas
d. Warm, sunny areas

3. Poa prefers areas with ______________.

a. High moisture
b. Medium moisture
c. Low moisture

4. True or False: Poa annua is a high seed producer.

5. When does Poa typically germinate?

a. Late winter/early spring
b. Late spring/early summer
c. Late summer/early fall
d. Late fall/early winter

Poa annua (Photo: Bayer)

Turf invader Poa annua typically shows up in turfgrass that’s not particularly healthy. (Photo: Bayer)

6. Which of the following cultural practices can lawn care operators employ to combat Poa?

a. Core aeration
b. Overwatering
c. Low mowing

7. True or False: Rotating herbicides with different modes of action is the best way to avoid herbicide resistance.

8. Poa starts to germinate when soil temperatures reach ______________.

a. 55 degrees F
b. 60 degrees F
c. 65 degrees F
d. 70 degrees F

9. Poa tends to be found in lawns with ______________. (You may choose more than one.)

a. Loose soil
b. A thick turf stand
c. Compacted soil
d. Low fertility

10. True or False: Up to 2,000 seeds are produced by each Poa plant, which can remain viable for at least six years in the soil.

Answer key:

  1. a., c. and e.
  2. a.
  3. a.
  4. True
  5. c.
  6. a.
  7. True
  8. d.
  9. c. and d.
  10. True

Sources: Mike Sisti, FMC Corp. golf & lawn care market manager; Ian Rodriguez, Ph.D., Quali-Pro technical services manager; Rob Golembiewski, Ph.D., Bayer Green Solutions Team member.


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  1. wayne golz says:

    Took the POA quiz but cant get the answers

    • Tyler Gunter Tyler Gunter says:

      Hello Wayne. The answer key is at the end of the post, after all the questions have been asked.

      Please let us know if you need more assistance!