Pro Landscape releases 1st landscape design CAD for iPad

February 1, 2016 -  By

Photo: Drafix Software

Drafix Software’s landscape design CAD for iPad is now available in its Pro Landscape Companion app.

The new CAD component allows users to measure and design the site in a scaled drawing on the tablet. Users can then transfer the design to the computer for additional work.

“One of the frustrating parts for landscape designers has always been creating the site plan so they can actually do their landscape design,” said Pete Lord, president of Drafix Software. “We’ve always allowed users to import an AutoCAD file, survey or plot plan or even Google earth image to help save time, but there are still cases where the site needs to be hand measured. They’ve had to write down the measurements on a piece of paper and then redraw them on the computer. Now they can measure the property line, house or building, pavers and even start designing on the tablet. From there they can then import the plan directly into the desktop software.”

Pro Landscape Companion is free for users of Pro Landscape. For users who do not have Pro Landscape and prefer a standalone tablet landscape design solution, the new CAD functionality will be incorporated into the Pro Landscape Contractor app in the coming months.

The 3.0 version of Pro Landscape Companion works in conjunction with Pro Landscape version 22. Pro Landscape Version 22 is available immediately, and the 3.0 version of the Pro Landscape Companion app will be available for iPad in the App Store in mid-February. An Android version with the updated functionality will be available later in the first half of 2016.

Photo: Drafix Software

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