Profile Products launches video library

screenshot: profile products
screenshot: profile products

BUFFALO GROVE, ILL.—Profile Products launched a robust online video resource library for contractors and specifiers at Profileevs.com. The video library showcases more than a dozen segments of varying themes, including product demonstrations, application instruction guides and technical video segments.

“Profile Products has long been dedicated to being a leader in education of erosion control and vegetative establishment and our new video library is another extension of that mission,” says Marc S. Theisen, CPESC, CPSWQ, CESSWI, vice president of business development and engineered products for Profile Products. “We are fortunate to have an unmatched staff of researchers and engineers committed to developing solutions for any environment, and we’re excited to share that learning to help benefit the entire industry.”

The collection of videos will provide viewers with a breadth of free learning opportunities to help develop effective solutions for any project site. Video topics discussed include an in-depth look at the importance of understanding soil properties and its effect on a project’s results; proper mixing and application techniques for hydraulic mulch; and laboratory demonstrations that illustrate differing yield and coverage results and water-holding capacities of various solutions.

“We understand no two projects are ever alike, and no two solutions should be the same,” Theisen says. “So the more education we can offer specifiers and contractors, the easier it will be for them to develop the proper solution for a project, which makes the project a success and keeps their customers returning.”

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