Profile Products releases topsoil alternative

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proganicsProfile Products released ProGanics Biotic Soil Media, an eco-friendly, hydraulically applied topsoil.

This new entry in the biotic soil amendment category uses the company’s engineered soil media technology, which is made from 90 percent organic ingredients, to help establish sustainable vegetation in near-impossible conditions, the company said.

“ProGanics BSM offers contractors the most efficient and cost-effective solution for poor soil conditions,” said Adam Dibble, (CESSWI) senior marketing manager for Profile Products. “It’s designed as a topsoil alternative but also contains valuable components that will bring depleted soils back to life.”

ProGanics is designed for projects with low organic matter, low nutrient levels or limited biological activity. Rather than trucking in tons of healthy soil, the company said, ProGanics, which is applied like hydraulic mulch, saves users time and money.

It also contains “thermally refined” bark and wood fibers that are designed to rebuild depleted soil and promote erosion control.

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